Diamond Tools

“DIJAMANT” Craft Workshop has a long tradition in producing and maintenance of diamond tools.

High hardness of diamond, which is the hardest natural material known, makes diamond to be widely used for production of hard materialKlikni za vecu sliku ... processing tools. Natural and synthetic diamonds are proven of their extraordinary quality. We offer our customers the desired tool quality by applying raw materials purchased from world-renowned manufacturers, and also by quality processing and setting diamonds into our tools, which we became renowned for.

Our company applies our own production formula, by which we produce materials based on exceptionally hard diamond powder. Materials produced are then set to the tools both as tool pieces, or along tool perimeter, allowing us to offer quality tools at affordable price, shorten the production time, lower the fatigue effects, and afford long-time use and well-performed maintenance of the tools.

Such specially prepared materials are then fixed or plated to disks, cutting saws, cutting knives, and many other tools. The main purpose for which these tools are used is processing of very hard materials. We deliver our tools in various sizes, as required by user.

Within our wide diamond tools production range you can select from:

- Cutting saws,
- Sanding plates,
- Perforating and profiling tools,
- Honing tols.